Breslauer Hütte (Ötztal) 2.844m 

Presentation of our section and our offers

The DAV Breslau section is the smallest section in Stuttgart. Our main task is to look after and develop the Breslau hut in the Ötztal, which we own.  Club life in Stuttgart offers various activities such as day hikes, climbing activities, excursions for senior citizens and day projects such as catering for the Burgholzhof tower. The monthly regulars' table is also an integral part of club life.  


Since 19.09.2023 we have been a member of the WLSB and also a member of the DAV LV Baden Württemberg, alpinism section.


From now on, everyone who is a member of our club can take part in the further education and training courses of the LV Baden-Württemberg.

Project "Breslauer Hütte"

The "Breslauer Hütte" is the heart of our section. The "old lady", one of the oldest mountain huts in Ötztal, is maintained, modernized and extended by us to guarantee our guests the best possible stay. We want to preserve the past and combine it with modernity. In doing so, we want to affect nature as little as possible and act sustainably.

The section carries out a major work assignment every year in the run-up to the summer season. Further information can be found under the heading 

"Work assignments"

Activities (Stuttgart region)

The annual event at the Burgholzhof Tower (near Robert Bosch Hospital) has been a fixture for years. The tower is used by Cannstatt clubs on any given weekend. 


Climbing activities

Under the direction of Rainer Lampatzer, training courses, instructions and climbing activities take place both in the hall and on the mountain. Please use the link to the Facebook page for further information.

Dates can also be viewed under the heading:

"Termine 2024


Day walks

The DAV Wroclaw Section regularly offers hikes in and around Stuttgart in its annual plan. Priority is given to arrival and departure by public transport.


Dates for the hikes can also be found under "Termine 2024" .


Collaboration on the Board

Participation in the section's Executive Board is expressly desired. The aim is to rejuvenate the board step by step and make it fit for the future. The contact person is Jürgen Kronhöfer.

Our current board can be found here hier 

Seniors group

The section's senior citizens' group meets regularly (monthly) for a 2-hour hike with possible sightseeing. Of course, there is always a stop for refreshments afterwards. The contact person is Christa Geisbauer.

Dates for the hikes can be found here



Hiking weeks

The section usually plans a hiking week lasting several days at home or abroad once a year. In the past, these have been destinations in Mallorca or on the Amalfi Coast. This rhythm was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. From 2024, these hiking weeks will take place regularly again. We will inform you in good time.


Environmental protection

Our section has been working for decades to keep the energy costs of running the hut low and to reduce the burden on the environment.  The hut is connected to a waste water network. Thanks to a material cableway, no helicopters need to fly to supply the hut. Electricity is generated from the hut's own hydroelectric power station.  Electricity consumption is analyzed and optimized by an electronic energy manager.

We have also taken part in the meetings of the DAV's climate protection coordinators and are working towards the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030. We are also a regular guest in the Zillertal working group, which takes place annually.

Welcome to the Wroclaw section, based in Stuttgart. 
Born in Wroclaw, at home in Stuttgart, on the road in Ötztal.

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